November 28 - 30, 2018
Sheraton Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

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Shared Services for Higher Education- Charlotte

Shared Services in Higher Ed is BACK & this time at the Sheraton Charlotte in North Carolina, you don't want to miss it!Don't miss out on networking opportunities with experts from top institutions.Take a look at our 2018 program for more details on our tracks for those who are in t ...


US Higher Education Shared Services Centers Interactive Report 2018

This interactive report aims to answer some of the most popular questions such as how the Higher Education landscape looks in the US and top tips for successful implementation of Shared Services.


Advice From Your Advisory Committee, Part 1: The Shared Services Rockstar Shares Her Secrets

An interview with Pam Gabel, Executive Director of the Shared Services Center for the University of Michigan. With over 18 years of experience in the shared services field, working in both the private sector as well as in higher education, Ms. Gabel offers words of wisdom for those looking to...

Advice From Your Advisory Committee, Part 2: Reaching the Next Level

Hear from the  Director of ConnectionPoint, Jae-Anne Peace, in an interview where she explains what has been beneficial in bringing Shared Services to the University of Saskatchewan. Ms. Peace has almost 20 years of experience at the University of Saskatchewan, in roles spanning from Human Resources to Finance. Jae-Anne is...

Advice From Your Advisory Committee, Part 3: Changing with the Times

Jennifer Pike, the Shared Services Program Manager at the University of Oklahoma, offers her perspective on what is needed in order to bring about change. As a member of the Shared Services for Higher Education Advisory Committee, Pike is a clear expert in the field. SSON was able to sit...

Key Topics

Talent Show: Why Talent Retention Matters

Talent retention is a key element for any organization, especially within the Shared Services industry. Understanding how to recruit valuable talent and keep them for the long haul can make or break a company. For more on the importance of talent retention, join us at the Shared Services for Higher...

It's a Process

Learn all about Process Improvement and why it is an integral part of implementing SSOs into your higher education institution with sessions from these highlighted speakers. Professionals from Duquesne University, the University of Louisville, and the University of Saskatchewan will all lead programs dedicated to continuous process improvement. Find out...

The Name of the Game is Change (management)

Change Management is one of the key topics that will be addressed at The Shared Services in Higher Education Charlotte event, running  November 28-30th in Charlotte, NC. To familiarize yourself with some relevant information, feel free to review the articles in this interactive piece. Through networking, targeted sessions, and specific...

Exclusive Content

Everything You Need To Know About Shared Services in Higher Education E-Book

An e-book for those looking to incorporate Shared Servicesinto their colleges and universities. Perfect for faculty, IT Share Service Professionals, and Student Administrators. Get the inside scoop on how to best utilize Shared Services for your Higher Education institution.

So You're Looking to Optimize Your Shared Services...

In this E-book you will learn all about PR & communication tactics, benchmarkingfor SSOs, and utilizing IA for shared services


Chazey Partners: Developing a Sound, Persuasive, Evidence-Driven Business Case for Your Shared Services Start Up and Continued Success

Chazey Partners presents on how to develop a strong business case for your SS start up, as well as how to maintain its success.

Why Shared Business Services in Higher Learning?

A view from the top, from the UNC School of Medicine.

Utah State University: Business Services

An administrative redesign at Utah State University brought about significant changes for the institution and its processes as a whole. The changed culture, increased expertise, and improved controls were just a few benefits brought about by this evolutionary move.

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