November 29 - December 1, 2017|
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Celebrating 10 Years: Official 2017 Agenda

For the 10th anniversary of the Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government, we are excited to present to you our 2017 program! Take a look for what's new on how we can evolve the shared services landscape of your organization.

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Convince Your Boss Letter

Need help convincing your boss to have the day off?  Check out our "Convince your Boss Letter" for additional assistance.  

Dave Mader's Update on Shared Services from last year's summit

Dave Mader presented a great perspective on the update of Shared Services during last year's summit.  Download his presentation here.  

Jim Bates Evaluated Technologies for Shared Services

Jim Bates gave a great presentation on technology for shared services at last year's summit, download the PowerPoint here.  

Shelley Prosise presents a case study from The University of Washington

Shelley Prosise presented a case study at last year's summit from The University of Washington about their past shared service experience and what is coming down the pipeline in the future! 

Presentation by Pam Gabel of The University of Michigan

Pam Gabel, the Executive Director of Shared Services Center for the University of Michigan shares her presentation from the last summit on how her organization is dealing with shared services.  Download it here!

Teresa Ramsey, Acting Director, Pegasys Office of the Chief Financial Officer - USDA presentation on shared services

Check out Teresa's presentation from the past summit about how she uses shared services at the USDA.  Download it here!

Where are YOU on the Shared Services Maturity Roadmap?

Download this great checklist from our SSON!  

A Journey Through Higher Educations' Shared Services

Higher Education displays great examples of shared services and the way they cohesively work together both on and off campus.  Download this infographic to see a collection of a few institutions and the way they implement shared services daily.

A Timeline - Government Sectors and their Shared Service Programs

Each government sector has its own shared services.  This timeline shows when and how they secured their efficient shared services program in order to improve their departments.  

Shared Services in U.S. Higher Education & Government: Analysis of the 2017 Landscape

SSON Analytics has blended all recent data (within last 12 months) to present this report on the combined perspectives of 56 Higher Education and Government shared services organisations in the United States. Here are some key findings

Current Attendee Snapshot

Have a look at what types of professionals you'll be seeing at the 10th Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government!

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Insights from our Past Presenters

Download our Insights from our Past Presenters!  The experts who spoke at the previous Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education and Government Summit had a wealth of insight to offer. Read what they had to say!

Shared Services in Higher Education an interview with Tom Andriola

Although Tom Andriola is the University of California's Chief Information Officer and Vice President responsible for all aspects of technology at the university, his experts spans the private sector as well. In this exclusive interview, Andriola describes the ways the two sectors can learn from each other while also sharing...

Yale University's strategy for successful faculty buy-in - an interview with Stephanie Avallone

Despite government-initiated proposals to improve affordability and accessibility of higher education, many institutions struggle to upend deeply rooted processes that prevent cost savings and efficiency. Stephanie speaks to this issue in this informative interview!

Pam Gabel discusses "People over Processes is Key to Shared Services' Success" in this Q & A

It's all about the People. Processes can be trained. Process improvement can be worked out. It's easy to train people to do value mapping - but it's difficult to train someone to deliver a vision and to be responsive to people. That takes a lot more time.  

Choosing the right metrics to ensure service excellence

Ken Newton, Director of Service Delivery, NASA, shared this presentation about using metrics to drive accountability and increase transparency. Ken goes into great detail about NASA's performance management strategies and shares specific shared services case studies.

A case for shared services

The Director of Shared Services at Dartmouth College shared this presentation about Darmouth's finance shared services project, how to evaluate shared services success and making the case for future expansion.

Shared services governance at Emory

Kathleen Bienkowski, an AVP at Emory University, discussed shared services governance at last year's Summit. She gave an overview of the Research Administration Shared Services Center and then dove into the ins and outs of shared services governance including how to select a team and allocate responsibilities.

Top Speaker Presentations from 2016

At the last Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government, our distinguished speaker faculty presented about topics critical to the field, such as the various shared services models, developing a front-of-house customer service, information technology strategic road maps to improved services, and much more.

Top 5 Public Sector Trends in Shared Services

While not unexpected, many of the folks who converged at SSON’s 2016 Public Sector event talked about the pressure they are under to drive more value with fewer resources. The limited budget that so many support functions are laboring under has brought Shared Services, as a delivery model, to the...

Past Attendee Snapshot

Find out who attended the 2016 Shared Services and Process Improvement for Higher Education and Government event to get a better feel for who you will meet at learn from this fall.

Higher Education Shared Services Brand Development Roadmap

A strong shared services brand can create energy and establish the value of shared services in the eyes of customers as well as leadership teams. In this infographic, we've broken down the steps you need to take in order to develop a compelling shared services brand that drives adoption, cultural...

Paul Bartley of HHS's Program Support Center: A Leader with a Vision

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Program Support Center (PSC) provides over 40 products and services on a competitive, fee-for-service basis for HHS, as well as approximately 14 other executive departments and 20 independent Federal Agencies. PSC works to provide the essential functions needed to keep government agencies...

Shared Services in the Government Sector: Business Case 101

One of the toughest challenges you will face in implementing shared services is getting the green light. And there is nothing like advice from someone who's already gone through that to give you a head start. We asked Paul Bartley, previous SSON Thought Leader of the Year, and up until...

Podcast with Kathleen Bienkowski: Shared Services at Emory University

Recorded at SSOW Kathleen Bienkowski joins us and shares that she feels that her psych background has done her a world of good in simply relating to people in shared services. To that end, Kathleen says that in leadership, having a high EQ is one of the most important things....

Government Tool Kit

Find out how 3 shared services leaders from Nasa, DOC and the VA are leveraging shared services and disruptive technologies such as RPA to increase efficiency, reduce administrative burden and re-direct focus to mission-critical priorities.

Government Shared Services in the News

With all the talk these days about how shared services has the potential to dramatically transform the government sector on both the federal and local levels, we at SSON thought we’d aggregate some of the most relevant and compelling articles in one convenient location. To view the article, please click...

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Shared Services for Higher Ed and Government Attendee List

Take a look at who has attended the Shared Services for Higher Ed & Government Summit before to get a better idea of who you can network with this November!