November 28 - 30, 2018
North Carolina

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Shared Services for Higher Education- Charlotte

Shared Services in Higher Ed is BACK & this time on the East Coast, in Charlotte, NC, you don't want to miss it!We're in the midst of designing a state-of-the-art program with the industry's top Higher Ed Leaders. Get a sneak peek at some of the early confirmed speakers that you wil ...

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April Past Attendee Snapshot

Weren't able to attend the 3rd Shared Services for Higher Education in Phoenix, Arizona this past February? No need to worry, you can still see who attended here!


7 Essentials for Shared Services Success: Higher Ed Edition

In this exclusive video you'll learn about the 7 essentials needed to successfully implement a shared services solution into your higher education institution. Each section will be broken down in further detail during the Shared Services in Higher Education Charlotte Conference, running November 28-30th in Charlotte, NC. For additional information...

10 Ways to Develop Your Brand with Shared Services: Higher Ed Edition

From SSON, this video outlines 10 simple ways to develop your SSO brand to its potential. Having a strong brand presence is an essential part of a long-lasting and effective shared services solution; this is especially integral for SSOs in higher education, considering costs are of utmost importance, and there...

The Key To Shared Services is Sharing: Communication in SSOs

Communication is one of the key factors that can bring about a successful SSO implementation in any higher education institution. Implementing a strong communication strategy can help an organization avoid potential pitfalls and streamlines the path toward an easy transition. For more information on the role of communication, watch this...

Exclusive Content

Advice From Your Advisory Committee

An interview with Pam Gabel, Executive Director of the Shared Services Center for the University of Michigan. With over 18 years of experience in the shared services field, working in both the private sector as well as in higher education, Ms. Gabel offers words of wisdom for those looking to break...

The Name of the Game is Change (management)

Change Management is one of the key topics that will be addressed at The Shared Services in Higher Education Charlotte event, running  November 28-30th in Charlotte, NC. To familiarize yourself with some relevant information, feel free to review the articles in this interactive piece. Through networking, targeted sessions, and specific...

Everything You Need To Know About Shared Services in Higher Education E-Book

An e-book for those looking to incorporate Shared Servicesinto their colleges and universities. Perfect for faculty, IT Share Service Professionals, and Student Administrators. Get the inside scoop on how to best utilize Shared Services for your Higher Education institution.

So You're Looking to Optimize Your Shared Services...

In this E-book, you will learn all about PR & communication tactics, benchmarkingfor SSOs, and utilizing IA for shared services

Examining Current Trends in US Higher Education Shared Services Centers

In this Shared Services for Higher Education Report find out:What is enabling you to perform more knowledge based work?What is the biggest talent challenge your SSC faces?Where are you on the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) journey?

Employee Engagement- Speaker Interviews from April 2018 Summit

Review our speaker interview answers from the April 2018 Shared Services in Higher Education Summit to get an idea of what's to come!

Additional Content

Higher Education Shared Services Brand Development Roadmap

This infographic, with contributions from professionals at the University System of New Hampshire, Utah State University, and the University of Iowa, explains how to develop a clear shared services brand for your higher education institution.

How are Shared Services Helping Institutes of Higher Education Meet the Needs of Faculty and Students?

An analysis on how academic institutions implement shared services to better support faculty and students. This piece discusses the challenge and benefits of overcoming resistance, and explains how quality service directly impacts overall efficiency. It also covers on and off campus integration of SSOs, and the impact culture, tech, and...

Chazey Partners: Developing a Sound, Persuasive, Evidence-Driven Business Case for Your Shared Services Start Up and Continued Success

Chazey Partners presents on how to develop a strong business case for your SS start up, as well as how to maintain its success.

Print as a Shared Service

Dale McIntyre, from the Shared Services in Higher Education Event, discusses print as a Shared Service.

From Frenemies to Fraternity: How to Convert Faculty into Strategic Partners

Evelyn Hidalgo, Assoc. Dean, Academic & Education Administration and Adriana Long, Strategic and Operations Manager of UC San Diego discuss how faculty can be the best asset for efficiency.

University Shared Services

Debby Zumbach (Vice President and Director, Purchasing and Business Services) at the University of Iowa explains how Shared Services can increase efficiency in real time.

ConnectionPoint: providing service, creating experiences, building relationships

Jae-Anne Peace from the University of Saskatchewan's presentation at the April, 2018 Shared Services in Higher Education Event.


A workshop presentation on the importance of taking a people-first approach to designing, launching, successfully running, and improving upon shared services.

An RPA Journey

RPA is becoming an increasingly integral asset to SSO's; Pam Gabel, Executive Director of the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan, breaks down its importance.

Let’s Solve the Talent Recruitment & Retention Riddle

Sarah Peri, Director of Operations & Outreach at Brown University, explains how to keep your employees satisfied and engaged with internal v. external recruitment strategies, incentivizing beyond compensation, the FISH philosophy, and more!

Why Shared Business Services in Higher Learning?

A view from the top, from the UNC School of Medicine.

Utah State University: Business Services

An administrative redesign at Utah State University brought about significant changes for the institution and its processes as a whole. The changed culture, increased expertise, and improved controls were just a few benefits brought about by this evolutionary move.

Case Study: Cross-Campus v. Single Campus Shared Services

Ronn Kolbash, JD (Associate Vice President for Shared Services) from the University of Chicago and Amy Schwartz, EdD (Associate Vice Chancellor, Partnerships & Shared Services Initiatives) from the University System of New Hampshire present a case study on cross campus v. single campus shared services.